PAR-KY - your natural wood floor

PAR-KY is a veneer flooring with a thin top layer of real wood, distinguishing it from laminate floors, which use imitation prints. With PARKY, you actually see and feel real wood. That is exactly what makes the difference in your home, office or shop. Just like a fingerprint, no two trees are identical. Each veneer flooring is unique, just like you.

The boards are constructed the same way as laminates. The middle layer consists of a strong HDF core, with a Uniclic jointing system. This makes PAR-KY easy to install yourself.

A collection for every interior and every project:


PAR-KY DELUXE - Ultimate design

PAR-KY SOUND - Exclusive wood species

PAR-KY LOUNGE - Intensive use

PAR-KY PRO - Optimal price/quality proportion



Quality, design and the environment

PAR-KY DELUXE is the showpiece of our collection. A topper on all levels: strong,

stunning and environmentally friendly. This collection offers superior top quality,

in the most stylish design wood has to offer. Each of the six trendy colours

gives your interior an exclusive look, while at the same time you also make an

environmentally friendly choice.


Dimensions: 1800 x 160 x 15 mm (71 x 6 5/16 x 3/5 inch)



A wide choice in top quality wood species

Are you looking for something special? Exclusive wood species sit at the origin of our SOUND collection. These exclusive wood species are often unstable and rather expensive as solid flooring. Because of the unique composition of PAR-KY floors, we are able to offer affordable quality flooring. Veneer flooring indeed only has a thin top layer of wood, so even exotic wood species are now available at attractive prices.


Dimensions: 1800 x 120 x 15 mm (71 x 4 3/4 x 3/5 inch)




    Wide range

    Small bevel

Ideal for intensive use

You need a floor for intensively used areas? In that case, the LOUNGE collection is your ideal solution, the powerhouse in our gamma, thanks to an ultra-strong HDF core. This board is impact resistant and sustains even the smallest expansion by humidity fluctuations. Eight layers of ultra-hard lacquer fortify the boards even further.


Ultra-strong and at the same time a very elegant collection. The short, small boards in combination with the small bevel give this veneer flooring an exclusive look. The sealed boards are satin lacquered and the brushed version is mat lacquered.


Dimensions: 1203 x 124 x 8,3 mm (47 3/8 x 4 7/8 x 1/3 inch)




    Wide board

A unique quality floor for the price of a laminate


The PRO collection offers a choice in short, wide boards in the trendiest kinds

of wood: high quality, nicely priced. All the advantages of all other PAR-KY

floorings, you will also encounter in the PRO collection, so you can enjoy the

warmth and comfort of real wood, together with the niceties of laminate: easy

to maintain and to install.


Dimensions: 1203 x 190 x 7,2 mm (47 3/8 x 7 1/2 x 5/16 inch)


Opt for a healthy and sustainable floor

At PAR-KY, respect for the environment is key. That is why we use our planet’s natural resources sparingly, and why we limit the use of harmful substances as much as possible.


Using wood with care

For the production of PAR-KY veneer flooring, we need up to 25 times less wood than for solid flooring. With one m3 of wood, we can produce 700 to 1000 m2 of veneer flooring.  In comparison: solid wood with a thickness of 15 mm has a useful net surface of 40 m2.


Wood from sustainable forests

Not only do we use less wood, we source our wood from sustainable forests. Two labels guarantee this origin. The ‘Pure Wood’ charter is of great importance to the complete PAR-KY collection. In this charter we demand from each of our suppliers to help protect forests worldwide. That is your assurance our wood originates from well-managed forests. The FSC certificate is linked to our DELUXE collection. FSC is an international trademark which indicates a product originates from wellmanaged forests.

Less harmful products

All PAR-KY veneer floors are finished with an environmentally friendly, hardened lacquer with nearly no volatile organic substances emission. The veneer flooring is coloured with an antibacterial layer called ‘Ultrafresh’, which makes it impossible for bacteria to house in the grooves. PAR-KY DELUXE even takes it a step further, since no urea formaldehyde, which can cause cancer and asthma in high concentrations, is added. Eliminating the use of this chemical is unique in the World of wooden floors, giving you an extra healthy flooring.