ALSAFLOOR - high quality laminate flooring

Ease of maintenance and low allergy risk: makes dust mites virtually homeless !
Finished with a high quality, abrasion-resistant surface layer that is smooth and easy to clean, Alsafloor floors are recommended for allergy sufferers. They also make highly practical solutions for children’s rooms.

Compatible with low-temperature underfloor heating

Alsafloor offers you a warm welcome in every sense of the word! To find out the compatibility of the floor with the underlay in an underfloor heating system, all you have to do is add the thermal resistance of the underlay to the thermal resistance of the floor.
To satisfactorily comply with conditions for installation, the total must not exceed 0.13 m² K/W. As an indication, the thermal resistances of Alsafloor laminate floors are :

    7 mm : 0.034 m² K/W
    7 + 3 mm : 0.120 m² K/W
    8 mm : 0.039 m² K/W
    12 mm : 0.059 m² K/W

CE marked, because elegance starts with confidence

All Alsafloor laminate floorings are CE marked so that you can be totally confident that the products perform to European standards in terms of health, safety and the environment.

Conformity tests have been successfully applied in three classes:
    formaldehyde emissions E1-HCH0
    European fire-retardance standard Cfl-S1.
    and classification of resistance to sliding DS

Class of use

Alsafloor laminate floorings are classed according to their resistance to different sorts of use and levels of traffic. Their endurance of knocks, sensitivity to stains, reaction to cigarette burns, or furniture being dragged or wheeled around. Is it called Class of use.
Alsafloor products are available in several grades of wear resistance and different board thicknesses, according to the room and the use to which it is put.