White Ash Solid Planks 15 mm

White Ash Solid Planks 15 mm

White Ash is durable and hard.  It can be bent into different shapes without losing its strength and is quite light.


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43 € /m2  tax excl.
52 € /m2  tax incl.

43 € /pckg  tax excl.
52 € /pckg  tax incl.

1 package = 1 m2



The sapwood of white ash is creamy white, while the heartwood ranges from light tan to dark brown. The grain is bold and straight, with an occasional wavy pattern; and in plain-sawn boards it can have a strong contrast. The wood has a lustrous appearance, and the texture is rather coarse. This tree is most famous for being the best wood for baseball bats and other sports equipment such as tennis racquets, hockey sticks, polo mallets, and playground structures. The reasons for white ash being the most popular wood for these items is that it is tough and does not break under large amounts of strain. This wood can be bent into different shapes without losing its strength and is quite light.



White ash is elastic and hard, and it has excellent shock-resistance. The wood remains smooth under friction.


Janka Hardness: 1320

White ash is thirty-two percent harder than teak, about two percent harder than red oak, two percent softer than white oak, eight percent softer than hard maple, roughly sevety-two percent as hard as hickory or pecan, and sixty percent as hard as santos mahogany's ranking of 2200.



White ash has good machining qualities, and it sands satisfactorily. When nailed, it has good holding ability, and it resists splitting. The wood responds well to staining and preservative treatment.



White Ash is used extensively in sporting goods, bats, oars, pool cues, tool handles, cabinet work, high-class joinery, plywood, paneling and veneer a flooring.



  • Way of instalation : full-area gluing
  • Suitability with floor heating : moderately suitable
  • Structure : solid wood
  • Quality : A, B, C
  • Possibility of renovation : více než 10x
  • Pneumatically sanded : no
  • Package : 1 m2
  • Original wood : yes
  • Occurrence : Central Europe
  • Hardness : Janka 1320
  • Floor finish : 15 mm
  • Floor care : Finish Care or Magic Oil Care
  • Finishing surface : no
  • Ecological mining : yes
  • Dimmensions : 15*90*300-1200
  • Cleaning : Clean Pallmann
  • Beveled : no