Kayu Kuku Solid Planks 15 mm

Kayu Kuku Solid Planks 15 mm

Kayu Kuku has mostly straight grained,  the consistent dark color, dramatic and elegant  look to any home.


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64 € /m2  tax excl.
78 € /m2  tax incl.

64 € /pckg  tax excl.
77 € /pckg  tax incl.

1 package = 1 m2


Kuku guarantees to captivate your attention with its dark deep rich tones that occasionally are highlighted with shades of lighter wood. Kuku exhibits very familiar colours and textures that can be found in some of the more recognizable hardwoods such as American Walnut. The difference, however, is in Kuku's unique dark swirling patterns that result in each plank becoming a distinctive part of the finished floor. The extreme changes in the grain gives Kuku floors a dynamic, constantly fresh approach with which more traditional floors can't compete. Kuku fits comfortably in both rustic and formal settings. Its beautiful chocolate colour blends smoothly in settings from libraries to studies and offices, where its beautiful colour is simply breathtaking. Kuku is truly a floor that is both versatile and fresh; it is very seldom offered outside its native tropical country.


Kayu Kuku is a heavy and dense wood that is extremely durable and very resistant to termites. This wood has a wide range of uses both for interior and exterior applications. Kayu Kuku works well with normal tools, but a low cutting angle is advised for planning. Pre-boring for screws and nails is recommended. Kayu Kuku takes an excellent finish and glues well.

Janka Hardness:  2000

As a flooring option, Kayu Kuku is one of the harder woods.


Kayu Kuku  is easy to work, with good machining and sanding qualities.


The timber is handsome, moderately heavy and hard. It is used in cabinet work, furniture, turnery, high-quality turnery, parquet flooring, shop fittings, panelling and veneer. It is also suitable for heavy construction purposes and it is used in ship building, for bridges, door and window frames, vehicle bodies and in fresh water engineering.




  • Way of instalation : full-area gluing
  • Suitability with floor heating : moderately suitable
  • Structure : solid wood
  • Quality : A, B
  • Possibility of renovation : more than 10 times
  • Pneumatically sanded : no
  • Package : 1 m2
  • Original wood : yes
  • Occurrence : Indonesia
  • Hardness : Janka 2000
  • Floor finish : 15 mm
  • Floor care : Finish Care or Magic Oil Care
  • Finishing surface : no
  • Ecological mining : yes
  • Dimmensions : 15x90/120x300-1200
  • Cleaning : Clean Pallmann
  • Beveled : no