Merbau Solid Planks 20 mm

Merbau Solid Planks 20 mm

Merbau is a yellowish to orange-brown color,with yellow "flecking" in the pores, but then darkens to brown or red brown.


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62 € /m2  tax excl.
74 € /m2  tax incl.

61 € /pckg  tax excl.
74 € /pckg  tax incl.

1 package = 1 m2



After being cut, Merbau's heartwood is a yellow-brown to orange-brown color, and darkens to more brown and reddish with time. The graining of this wood can be interlocked, wavy, or straight. Something particular about Merbau is the sometimes apparent yellow or goldish flecks that can make the appearance seemed speckled with gold. Merbau's coloring undergoes a darkening to a richer orangey brown color after installation, with a general muting of the variation of colors present when freshly milled. The Merbau Hardwood texture is mostly fairly coarse. Merbau hardwood usually has straight to slightly interlocked, wavy grain. Some of the merbau hardwood flooring boards have an attractive, ribbon figuring.


Merbau is very resistant to termites, and compares with Hickory for durability, but is less dense. Structurally, Merbau is very stable.. It has excellent dimensional stability.

Janka Hardness: 1712

Merbau is one of the most hard and durable wood floor options. It is just under one third hardner than red oak, is roughly eighteen percent harder than hard maple, about five percent harder than wenge, and approaches seventy-eight percent of santos mahogany's ranking of 2200.


This wood gums saw teeth and dulls cutting edges, so sawing is diffult, and the use of carbide tools when working merbau is recommended. It sands and finishes well and has good holding ability. Care must be taken with merbau, as contact with moisture or iron and ferrous metals can stain the wood black.


Primary uses for Merbau are cabinetry, furniture, decorative woodwork, and musical instruments, in addition to flooring.



  • Way of instalation : full-area gluing
  • Suitability with floor heating : unsuitable
  • Structure : solid wood
  • Quality : A,B
  • Possibility of renovation : more than 10 times
  • Pneumatically sanded : no
  • Package : 1 m2
  • Original wood : yes
  • Occurrence : Indonesia
  • Hardness : Janka 1712
  • Floor finish : 20 mm
  • Floor care : Finish Care or Magic Oil Care
  • Finishing surface : no
  • Ecological mining : yes
  • Dimmensions : 20*120*500-2200
  • Cleaning : Clean Pallmann
  • Beveled : no