Doussie Solid Planks 20 mm

Doussie Solid Planks 20 mm

Doussie is very hard and durable, its colour is ranges from light brown to reddish-brown.


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83 € /m2  tax excl.
100 € /m2  tax incl.

83 € /pckg  tax excl.
100 € /pckg  tax incl.

1 package = 1 m2


Doussie is the collective name for an African wood of the Afzelia species where the seeds and bark are better known for medicinal applications. There are thirteen species in this genus that is native to tropical Africa and Asia. Afzelia grows mostly in West and Central Africa. Doussie sapwood is pale yellow to white. The heartwood varies in a color range from light brown to reddish brown. Doussie wood has a straight, slightly interlocked grain with a texture that is somewhat coarse with medium luster. Doussie is one of the most popular exotic hardwood flooring options to be imported into Europe. It is a beautiful orange–brown color that mellows with time to a medium brown or sometimes even to a deep mahogany


Doussie is very hard and durable, and it has excellent resistance to attack by termites. The wood remains smooth under friction. Doussie shows only small movement with time.  The wood is suitable for both residential and commercial flooring applications.

Janka Hardness: 1810

Doussie has a hardness rating of 1810 on the Janka scale.


Doussie is relatively easy to machine and can be sanded to a smooth surface. Because of the yellow spore deposits, the wood has good staining and polishing properties.


Because doussie wood is so hard and strong, it is among the most valuable exotic hardwood species. It uses include fine flooring, furniture, decking, stair rails, and construction.



  • Way of instalation : full-area gluing
  • Suitability with floor heating : unsuitable
  • Structure : solid wood
  • Quality : A, B
  • Possibility of renovation : more than 10 times
  • Pneumatically sanded : no
  • Package : 1 m2
  • Original wood : yes
  • Occurrence : Africa
  • Hardness : Janka 1810
  • Floor finish : 20 mm
  • Floor care : Finish Care or Magic Oil Care
  • Finishing surface : on requets varnished
  • Ecological mining : yes
  • Dimmensions : 20x120x500-2000
  • Cleaning : Clean Pallmann
  • Beveled : on request