Iroko Solid Planks 20 mm

Iroko Solid Planks 20 mm

Iroko wood is tough, dense, and very durable, colour is light brown to deep golden.


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78 € /m2  tax excl.
94 € /m2  tax incl.

77 € /pckg  tax excl.
93 € /pckg  tax incl.

1 package = 1 m2


The sapwood of kambala (iroko) is yellowish-white, while the heartwood is golden orange into brown in color. The species has an interlocked grain, is moderately lusterous, and is moderately coarse yet even in texture.


Kambala (iroko)  is sometimes called African, or Nigerian, teak, but the iroko is unrelated to the teak family. The wood is tough, dense, and very durable. It is often used in cabinetmaking and paneling as a substitute for teak, which it resembles both in colour (light brown to deep golden-brown) and in grain. Since Iroko has good weathering properties, it's a decent substitute for teak and even shares a similar color range. Medium to coarse texture with an interlocking grain that often produces interesting patterns. Open pores requires filling for a smooth finish. Works pretty easily with both power and hand tools.  Kambala (iroko)has a natural resistance to decay. Its sapwood has been reported as being highly resistant to termites. Kambala dries very easily, with very little to no decay from its proportions as a green wood.

Janka Hardness: 1540

As a flooring option, kambala (iroko) is a hard and durable wood.


Kambala puts up little resistance to sawing, yet deposits in the wood can dull cutting blades. This species has good nailing properties. Glue holds well with kambala (iroko) flooring, but certain varieties can produce a noticable glue line. Although it requires a decent amount of filling at times, kambala sands to a beautifully lusterous polish.


Kambala's (iroko´s) uses include flooring, millwork, sub-flooring, fine furniture, interior trim, and boat building.



  • Way of instalation : full-area gluing
  • Suitability with floor heating : unsuitable
  • Structure : solid wood
  • Quality : A, B
  • Possibility of renovation : more than 10 times
  • Pneumatically sanded : no
  • Package : 1 m2
  • Original wood : yes
  • Occurrence : Africa
  • Hardness : Janka 1540
  • Floor finish : 20 mm
  • Floor care : Finish Care or Magic Oil Care
  • Finishing surface : no
  • Ecological mining : yes
  • Dimmensions : 20x120x500-2000
  • Cleaning : Clean Pallmann
  • Beveled : no